Liep's Taste of Cambodia

Traditional Cambodian Food

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Open every night from 6:00 pm



  Cambodian food is flavoursome and natural. Most of the ingredients are simple such as lemongrass, kafir lime leaf, tumeric, galingale and garlic. All of these ingredients are available to most Cambodian people in their back yard, and they use them to cook dishes like Sam-Loh Machou Kroeung, Cha Kroeung and Amog Trey. Chilli is not a must in Cambodian cooking. It tends to be used in side dishes or sauces because most Cambodians don't eat chilli.

  Here, in our restaurant, we prepare each individual dish according to your taste. If you like it hot, we will add chilli. Most dishes are gluten free. We will be delighted to make your dining experience a positive one.

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  Liep Yong