Liep's Taste of Cambodia

Traditional Cambodian Food

Shop 6-332 Military Road Cremorne NSW 2090 Phone (02) 9953 7478
Open every night from 6:00 pm


Sam-Loh Ma-Chou Kroeung: "Sour beef" Diced tender fillet of beef cooked in lemon grass, tamarind sauce and vegetables    $20.00

Cha Lok-lak: "Beef on salad" Tender beef fillet sauteed with garlic, soya sauce served on bed of salad with lemon and pepper dipping sauce   $20.00

Cha Kroeung Sach koh: Stir fried beef with lemon grass, vegetables
and a hint of chilli   $20.00

Cha Kha-Nhey Sach Koh: Stir fried beef with vegetables and fresh ginger   $22.00

Kary Sach Koh: Tender beef curry with vegetables   $20.00

Kho Sach Chrouk: Sweet ginger pork served with steamed vegetables   $20.00